Saturday, April 5, 2014


Have you ever experienced being hurt because YOU'RE FAT? Did people treat you differently just because YOU'RE FAT?

Hi, I'm Katherine. I'm currently 5'1 and weigh 132 pounds. That's not really fat like the obese kind, but I was a chubby kid, but now I'm a teen, I'm still chubby.

I remember when I was a kid my playmates used to call me a "PIG" because I was chubby. I remember I cried a lot and went to my grandma for comfort. I live with my grandparents. My childhood was pretty awesome, but I still remember the days my playmates taunt me and call me a pig until I cry. I remember when I was in Grade 1, I was so happy to go to school. But I went home crying. Why? Because my classmate called me a pig for no apparent reason. I was a pig. Yeah, I get it.

Me when I was 9, with my 4 year old sis :)

Double chin, I know, I know xD

Now that I'm a teen, the pressure gets worse. I'm in highschool now, although I'm not being called a pig anymore, it still haunts me. I also feel the pressure to lose weight. My classmates who were once chubby like me in elementary, have now lost their baby fats. I'm thinking, if they can, why can't I?

I tried different workouts. Nothing seemed worked. I was stressed. I had no motivation to workout or to lose weight. I like me, but I think life would be a lot better if I lost weight. I tried this Lipo Cavitation thing(non-surgical) , but it still didn't work

But everything fell apart when the person who comforts you, who loves you, who cares for you, used to encourage you, calls you FAT. My grandma reminds me to lose weight every single day. Calls me a whale, thunder thighs, tells how big my arms are, and tells me to become vegetarian to lose weight. I HATE her for that. My grandpa tells the same too.

All I want to say is, "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! YOU'RE THE ONES WHO BUY FOOD AND WHO FED ME WHEN I WAS A KID! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!". I became stressed. I ate a lot. It became my pass time, to eat, and to sit on my computer all day reading articles on how to lose weight. I was 120. I gained 10 lbs. in just 3 months. I became a lot more stressed.

People around me didn't help either. I remember when I was walking with my classmates, we were having a conversation, and I said "Wow walking is a great way to lose weight". Then, a random stranger just butt in our convo then said, "Yeah you need to walk because you're fat". My former friends didn't help either. We would often go out and eat at McDonalds, KFC, and other fast food restaurants. Some of my friends would joke on my weight, it was funny at most times, but sometimes it hurts my feelings too. School work stressed the hell out of me. I have other experiences of strangers calling me fat, but I won't share here it anym

But after reading an article, I started to get motivated to work out. I started to really love me. I had the passion to lose weight not because of other people, but because of me. I wanted to become healthy. I wanted to live life.

I started to engage in sports. I started taking Figure Skating lessons. I also got in the school's volleyball team. I started to become happy. Workouts used to be a pain to me, but now I really enjoy working out. But there are times I feel lazy to work out, it happens :D . I started to control my eating, but  fast food days still exist, haha.

Photo taken recently, with Allison Harvard <3
I thank everyone who encourages me and doesn't see my flaws. I thank my parents for being there for me, even though they work abroad, they support me on no matter what I do. Thanks to my friends now who always make me laugh and loves me for who I am. I thank Katie McMahon for writing the article, "Out of (My) Body". That article changed my views on myself. It got featured on . It was entitled, "Teen Wanted Liposuction Until She Got It". (to read the article, go to )

My family. I love my mom, dad, bro and sis!
Friends :)

I also want to remind everyone to be careful on every word you say to someone. Parents and other family members should support the child and not pressure them into something and call them mean names. It haunts them and it makes them insecure.What parents' say can affect your child the most. Support your child in weight loss by cooking healthier foods at home, playing with them outside, jogging with them, supporting them in sports they want to engage in, etc.

 Weight loss also starts Within YOU. You cannot lose weight when you're not fully motivated and convinced you want to really lose weight. Do not feel pressured to lose weight just because others say so. You're beautiful in your own way. Please, please do not starve yourself. Start eating healthy.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sanaysay Tungkol sa Bullying (Di-pormal)

Sanaysay Tungkol sa Bullying

             Sa buhay ng tao, hindi mawawala ang mga taong gusto gawin miserable ang buhay mo. Bakit nga ba may mga bully? Anung sanhi kung bakit sila nambubully?

            Sa aking opinyon, ito ang mga kategorya ng mga bully at dahilan kung bakit sila nambubully.

1. The Avengers- Sila ay binully noon at gusto ibalik sa kapwa ang mga mapapait nilang naranasan. Sila ay dating naapi pero naging palaban, kaso, sa maling paraan.

2. The Family Planning- Sila ay may malaking problema sa bahay, kalimitan  tungkol sa pamilya.

3. The Abused Child -Sila ay inaabuso o inabuso (pisikal o emosyonal) ng kanilang mga magulang. Dapat sila bigyan ng matinding pagmamahal at counseling upang maiwasan na sila ay maging bully.

4. Mean Girls- Sila ay sikat sa pagpapahirap sa iyo, babae man o lalaki. Ginagawa ka nilang katatawanan. Kalimitan ito ay ang rich people o mga feeling rich na selfie ng selfie sa Starbucks upang maipost sa FB, Twitter o Instagram nila.

5.  The Security Guards- Sila ay parating napupuna o nangiinsulto sa halos lahat ng gawin mo. Mas alam pa nila ang mga ginagawa mo kesa sa iyong sarili. Parati itong nakabantay sa mga kilos mo. Kalimitan ang dahilan ng mga ito ay dahil insecure sila sa sarili nila. Mababa din ang self-esteem ng mga taong ito.
©Katherine Bea Romero

            Ang pinakamagandang paraan para hindi ka nila maapektuhan ay wag sila pansinin. Pero may mga oras na kahit anung iwas mo sakanila, hindi ka nila tatantanan. Ang pinakamagandang gawin ay isumbong ito sa iyong magulang, teacher, guidance counselor kung ika'y bata o teenager pa lamang, at kung ika'y nagtatrabaho na, isumbong mo ito sa supervisor, boss, o manager mo kung talagang naabala ka na sakanila.

           Wag magpaapekto o gumanti sa mga taong ito. Ang pagkitil ng iyong buhay ay isang paraan na pinakita mo sakanila na nanalo sila. Mahalaga ang buhay na ibinigay sa iyo ng Diyos. Alam mo ba ang pinakamagandang ganti sa mga taong ito? Magpursige ka sa iyong pag-aaral o trabaho, lamangan sila, at pagkakita nila sa iyo sa hinaharap, Wow! Isa ka ng dalubhasang doktor o isa ka na sa pinakamagaling na abogado sa Pilipinas.
©Katherine Bea Romero

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Relaxing Day at Ace Water Spa

It was my classmate  and friend's birthday, so she decided to invite us and take us to Ace Water Spa. It wasn't the first time we went to Ace Water Spa because last, last, last year, she also had her bday  in Ace.

So the place was very clean and nice, and when we went there, only a few people were there (lucky) :D
I wanted to take pics, but they don't allow the taking of pics inside the spa.

At Ace Water Spa, the only basic thing that you need is swimwear(spandex), and a towel. They provide you the soap and the shampoo, but if you use conditioner, you should bring one. They also have lockers to put your things in for free. They also provide blow driers, cotton buds, and styling gels(Which I think no one needs, in my opinion though :lol: )  and  They're very strict about the swimwear thing and wouldn't allow you to go if you're not wearing the proper attire. My two classmate/friend were asked to go back and change their shorts because they don't allow beach shorts or any kind of shorts except for spandex.

My favorite pool was the mint pool, which is color green. The hottest pool would be the lavender one, but it smells so good :D I also like their Sauna, and the lazy river.

So after swimming, we ate at their cafe. The food was okay, but I enjoyed the cake and the rolls! When we went to the Sauna, we told each other that we would lose our fats in the sauna, but after the dinner, I told them that we gained double because we ate a lot and we all laughed.

It was a fun day. I would recommend Ace Water Spa to anyone who wants to relax, have a good time, and to have a day off from work/school. Just don't eat at their cafe xD

A very delicious Tiramisu cake *yum*

The rolls, I'm getting hungry now xD

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Stormy Day

It's been raining almost nonstop for 3 days already. The roads aren't even accesible already. I just can't, like this is the worst storm I have experienced in my life. Not really affected by the storm, but my friends and relatives are. We're so damn lucky to move to a different house already. It's 1:50 am here and its still raining -.- I just wanna go to MOA and ice skate.

Meanwhile, I'm bored since I'm stuck in the house, I did a lot of crazy things to stop my boredom, and eventually, it worked :D. I tried to do the nail marble thingy, but I suck so it didn't work well. I tried to paint my nails, but it also didn't work , lol.

i'll post pics later when I'm on my laptop :)

My BEAutiful nails, xD