Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Relaxing Day at Ace Water Spa

It was my classmate  and friend's birthday, so she decided to invite us and take us to Ace Water Spa. It wasn't the first time we went to Ace Water Spa because last, last, last year, she also had her bday  in Ace.

So the place was very clean and nice, and when we went there, only a few people were there (lucky) :D
I wanted to take pics, but they don't allow the taking of pics inside the spa.

At Ace Water Spa, the only basic thing that you need is swimwear(spandex), and a towel. They provide you the soap and the shampoo, but if you use conditioner, you should bring one. They also have lockers to put your things in for free. They also provide blow driers, cotton buds, and styling gels(Which I think no one needs, in my opinion though :lol: )  and  They're very strict about the swimwear thing and wouldn't allow you to go if you're not wearing the proper attire. My two classmate/friend were asked to go back and change their shorts because they don't allow beach shorts or any kind of shorts except for spandex.

My favorite pool was the mint pool, which is color green. The hottest pool would be the lavender one, but it smells so good :D I also like their Sauna, and the lazy river.

So after swimming, we ate at their cafe. The food was okay, but I enjoyed the cake and the rolls! When we went to the Sauna, we told each other that we would lose our fats in the sauna, but after the dinner, I told them that we gained double because we ate a lot and we all laughed.

It was a fun day. I would recommend Ace Water Spa to anyone who wants to relax, have a good time, and to have a day off from work/school. Just don't eat at their cafe xD

A very delicious Tiramisu cake *yum*

The rolls, I'm getting hungry now xD

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Stormy Day

It's been raining almost nonstop for 3 days already. The roads aren't even accesible already. I just can't, like this is the worst storm I have experienced in my life. Not really affected by the storm, but my friends and relatives are. We're so damn lucky to move to a different house already. It's 1:50 am here and its still raining -.- I just wanna go to MOA and ice skate.

Meanwhile, I'm bored since I'm stuck in the house, I did a lot of crazy things to stop my boredom, and eventually, it worked :D. I tried to do the nail marble thingy, but I suck so it didn't work well. I tried to paint my nails, but it also didn't work , lol.

i'll post pics later when I'm on my laptop :)

My BEAutiful nails, xD